Business Development

Expletus can create long-term value opportunities for your organization.

Let us assist you with developing customers, markets, and relationships with which to secure business suitable to your capabilities and vision. We have the necessary soft and hard skills to provide excellent capture management results.

We can also establish and orchestrate strategic business alliances to expand your services and business portfolio.

Capture Management Services

Capture Management Assistance

Expletus can provide Capture Management assistance to increase your probability of winning a government contract. From planning and organizing a strategy, to developing relationships, to ultimately winning the bid, we can help.

Our Capture Management Assistance consists of the following:

  • Researching and Gathering Information
  • Developing Relationships
  • Analyzing Elements of a “Win” Strategy
  • Designing the Solution (technical elements, resource levels, pricing, timeline)
  • Assembling a Capture Plan
  • Validating the Solution
  • Developing the Proposal