IT Staffing and Recruiting Services

We are highly skilled in the area of IT recruitment, and offer several options for augmenting and/or increasing your staff.

Whether you need temporary resources or are looking for full-time employees, we have a solution to meet your needs seamlessly and effortlessly.

From technical gurus to program management, Expletus provides the right resources at the right time for the right cost.

IT Project Management

Direct hire

Expletus works closely with our clients to identify candidates who fit the skills and personality profile, and who have the desire to become part of the client’s direct team. We screen and interview the candidates, sending on to the client for their review only those candidates that meet or exceed the requirements and our high standards. We charge our clients a one-time fee when the client selects one of our candidates to hire.


We employ individuals, and provide benefits to them, for our clients wishing to hire temporary employees with the intention to convert them to full time employees. Clients have time to evaluate the potential employee during a contract period, prior to making a commitment to hire directly. Expletus works closely with our clients to identify and hire individuals who possess skills well-suited to perform the identified tasks and traits that will complement the client’s organization. This service is billed at an hourly rate, and there is an optional fee to hire before the contract period ends. At the end of the contract period (six-months and 1-year options), clients may hire the Expletus employees with no additional fee.

Staffing Augmentation/ Outsourcing

This service allows our clients to quickly and efficiently meet peak demand cost-effectively, with highly skilled professionals, on a contract basis. Expletus is responsible for employee management and all other employer responsibilities, including benefits. Our labor rates typically reduce client personnel costs by more than 10% while maintaining or increasing skill levels and work quality. We work closely with our clients to identify and hire individuals possessing the skills required to perform the identified tasks. This service is billed on an hourly rate basis for as long as required.

Specialized Labor Categories

Project Managers, Network Engineers, Security Engineers, Voice Engineers, Video Engineers, Registered Communications Distribution Designers (RCDD), Cable Technicians, Systems Administrators, Database Administrators, Web Developers, Proposal Managers, Capture Managers, Technical Writers, Administrative Support Personnel.